Horse Drawn Vehicle

pre purchase inspections

wheel, suspension & brake rebuilds

full servicing & maintenance

Safety checks

Here are a selection of horse drawn vehicles we have had the pleasure to work on:-



Landaus & Phaetons

Randal cane sided

Pony training carts

Hillam 4 wheel exercise

Dutch MPV

Letley Gigs

Ecton Gigs

All work is carried out strictly in accordance with The Department of Transport Code of Practice for Horse Drawn Vehicles for safety and roadworthyness.

Areas of inspection include wheels, brakes, axles, shafts, springs, body and swingltree.

Additional checks may be required dependent upon vehicle type and may include forecarriage turntable and centre pin, shaft bolts, mounting steps, seating, hoods, hand rails, bearings and polehousings.

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  • Horse Trailer Repair
  • Accident Repair
  • Land Rover Repair
  • Ground Care Equipment Repair
  • Ifor Williams Trailer Repair
  • HGV Horsebox Repair
  • Ground Care Equipment Repair

What Our Clients Say . . .

  • PAC repaired my horsebox after an accident. What a fantastic job! Thanks so much!

    The Lone Ranger,

  • Fixed my trailer the same day, now my horses will be warm and dry.

    Harvey Smith,

  • I always use PAC to maintain my horsebox vehicle fleet.

    Princess Anne

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